Intadot Group is a hospitality service company that caters to smart customer care solutions using tailored engineering communication systems. Through our research-proven & competitive management structures, we offer seamless, direct, quiet, and more efficient communication means within the hospitality industry.

We provide intra-communication devices unique to our client’s operations, as well as training, maintenance, and support to provide each establishment with the best market price and unwavering service. At Intadot Group, our goal is to enhance communication methods and bridge the information transmission process between customers and their respondents across various industries in the hospitality industry.

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Consulting services offered by Intadot are beneficial to both large and small organizations, and are available at an affordable cost.
 We offer a complement of professional services in different industries which cover an array of operations including project planning,
structuring swift communication systems to operate more efficiently, and establish brand new enterprises. 

If your company is ready to enhance communication processes within its premises, reduce cycle time,
lower waste time and increase overall efficiency, w
e are ready to serve you!

Healthcare Communications Consulting

At Intadot, we offer professional support in communications within the healthcare facility.
We set up a seamless process of prompt communication between the patients and their responders (nurses); between the nurses and their colleagues and between various departments in the facility while monitoring all calls and responses.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you satisfied with the existing communication system in your healthcare facility?
  2. Do you think that lack of proper communication systems have led to casualties or slowed down processes of operation within your healthcare facility?
  3.  Are you satisfied with the current performance of your communication process and its effect on your general organizational structure?
You may want to consider Intadot’s team of specialists to deploy an efficient and added layer of communication process in your healthcare facility.

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Hotel & Restaurant Communications Consulting

With this program, we offer communication solutions in the hospitality industry ranging from hotels, restaurants and lounges for effecting guest to waiter responses, order processing, and intra communication between back room staff and house keeping. 

“While entertaining guests, it is important to maintain their privacy and ensure timely service”

- Emele Omukpai

Events Communications Consulting

This tailored service offers communication solutions for gatherings & events; ensuring that guests are attended to promptly and seamlessly during special occasions such as wedding, dinners, seminars, concerts, etc. We take inventory of your events before the date, train hosts and all operational staff before the day of the event, and set up a structured overlay of our communication systems to ensure an exceptional & memorable experience.

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Engineering & IT Solutions

We offer Project Management & IT consulting services specifically tailored to your establishment, with expertise in Civil Engineering construction, Health & Safety operations, as well as Point-of-Sale (POS) solutions.

POS solutions
Automate payment transactions and boost customer experience with our seamlessly integrated Point-of-Sale systems. Using top-of-the-line payment solutions incorporated with leading payment service providers, we facilitate remittance at your convenience without the hassle of hidden fees.

Point-of-sale services include:

  • High-definition 15.6” Touch Screen; Wi-Fi, and ethernet enabled
  • Powerful POS software with over 100 applications integrated; Online, delivery, collection, and multi-channel ready; Integrated with major payment providers
  • Secure cash register and high-speed receipt printer
  • Personalized onboarding and product training

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Intadot Group FAQs

What technology is being used?

We apply the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). This works within a 100 to 500 meters radius.

How do I determine what service(s) I need?

Through our implementation process, we access your location and the existing communication process to determine which products and services will be required.

Do you offer maintenance/customer support?

Yes, we offer maintenance and customer service support which include 3 months post deployment maintenance/support for free. Our products also come with a 6 months warranty.

Is there any training offered?

Yes, we offer a full training program with your staff on a scheduled basis until full execution.

Where can your products be used?

Intadot offers multi-functional products that cater to Industries such as healthcare, corporate offices, hotels & events

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Creative Team

At Intadot Group, we have a team of vibrant professionals positioned in key sectors of the company to provide quality services to our customers.

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